Busines Sale/Asset Sale
Oak Street Advisors' approach to selling your business, or a major strategic asset is straight-forward and proven. We start with your objectives and work in a disciplined and confidential manner to ensure these objectives are met. To help sell your company from a position of strength, we develop an understanding of these objectives and then invest the time and resources necessary for success. We deliver advice and services that add value and enable you to achieve a superior outcome, meeting or exceeding your financial and personal objectives.

Our value-creation approach to the sales process is to build a competitive market for your company, leading to superior value for you and your shareholders. Our services are custom tailored to our clients' needs in each transaction and typically consist of:

  • Evaluation of the current business plan, financial projections and strategies
  • Assistance in further developing and refining financial models, strategies, market analysis, and corporate objectives
  • Identifying and assistance in addressing any perceived gaps in the current information, plans and/or approach
  • Preparing investor related informational and marketing materials
  • Identifying prospective purchasers and assisting the securing of commitments from such parties
  • Coordinating the information flow and activities between all parties and their professional advisors including lawyers, accountants, bankers and consultants

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