Our Directors

Ben Bergman

Director, New York

Ben Bergman's business is connecting. Whether it is connecting growing businesses with capital, or employers with mission-critical talent, Ben makes it his business to connect his clients with the assets they need most, in an efficient, value creative manner. Ben has an extensive background in operations, sales, marketing, finance and recruiting that allows him to apply a holistic approach to helping clients solve their problems. He has worked with various companies ranging from inception such as Mastery Rehabilitation, to $30M venture-backed 3PLex.com, to public enterprises EURO-LOG USA and BellSouth.

Ben spearheads the human capital practice at Oak Street and plays a significant role in the firm's traditional investment banking activities. In contrast to other models, Oak Street views the HR perspective as pivotal to ensuring our Clients' capital strategies reflect all of their needs and comprehensively support rapid post-capitalization growth. Ben has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and is steeped in the strategy and challenges of early-stage endeavors.

Ben received his bachelors from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and attended the University of Chicago for a Masters in Public Policy. Ben is based in New York City

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